If you’re considering selling your home, there are a few things that you might want to consider. The first is to make sure that your home is show day ready. So a fresh lick of paint or even putting some baked muffins in the oven so that customers who walk in get that homely feel.

Second, I would make sure that I price my home accordingly. So use the available property and area reports to view the comparable sales prices of similar sized properties in your area. Area reports also help to give potential buyers a view of proximity to things like good schools and parks.
Lastly, I would also consider the costs that are associated with selling. Selling can incur some costs if you have a bond over that existing property. So please make sure to give 90 days’ notice to your bank of your intention to cancel the bond. Cancellation fees will also apply when it comes to cancelling that bond at the deeds office with the attorneys. If this is a property that you’re selling that is a second or third property you also might incur capital gains tax as per SARS.